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What, Why, and How to make a startup pitch deck? Pitch your startup idea to investors

What is a Pitch Deck? A pitch deck is a visual presentation document, (also known as a startup pitch deck or slide deck) that provides inves...

What is a Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck is a visual presentation document, (also known as a startup pitch deck or slide deck) that provides investors an insight about your business plan, product or services, key metrics like valuation, target market, financial goals, and why they are looking for a fundraising.

Why make a Pitch Deck?

As touched upon before, it is an important step to communicate & explain to the investors who could be interested to enter into your business venture that could bring profits for them as well as several benefits for your business growth.

How to make a Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck needs to have certain key elements, in a sequential order to be make a good presentation of the motto behind it. From the recent years, the best regarded presentation model (format) is the 'Sequoia - Pitch Deck', that is used by Slide Bean. Slide Bean is a pitch deck assistance business firm, which offers a Pitch Deck platform for startups at a nominal fee, thereby making it hassle free.

Below is the format that is in their Sequoia - Pitch Deck example.

Company profile

A brief introduction of the business establishment and their primary business area.


This section (slide) discusses the problem the founders of the company identified and that could be solved by them.


Here the solution for the identified problem is explained, with the impact and continuation of their business.

Why now? Market Timing!

With the solution for the problem in place, it is important to identify the right timing to launch to the affected. Timing matters very much, as a wrong placement could mean a complete wipe out the business, while the opposite is desired.

Market Size

Every business investment has to be recovered fully and should have a decent score of profitability. To achieve that, understanding the size of the market probability is very important. A good and verified survey will help to achieve it.


Any profitable venture is either thought out parallelly by others, or copied, or improvised by other competitive companies and people. So to identify, staying ahead of them and top is what it all matters for a venture to be successful. So identifying the competition and creating a roadmap on how to outperform them is essential part of the pitch deck.


Finally it all about the product/service that is sold to make the money flow inward. It is a very important section to explain it in detail here, with future developmental roadmaps.

Business Model

This part it explains how the revenue is generated for the income, example, if it is a subscription service, outright sale, maintenance and upkeep etc.

Team - Hustler, Hacker & Hipster

Everything of the business boils down to the team who do it. Without a robust and driven team, it is impossible to drive it to the point of profitable and further development. So explaining it in detail of the key people who would make the business happen is essential in the pitch.

Financials & Cap Table

It is all about the numbers game in this section. Profit & loss, Investment, Expenses, Income, etc.

Fundraising (The Deal)

The final part, how much fund is being raised against all the above facts & figures.

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